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Xestia isolata Holloway comb. n.  
Amathes isolata
Holloway, 1976: 6.

Xestia isolata



The forewings are deep ashy grey with black in the cell notched obtusely by a triangle of grey from the costa that extends to and includes, the orbicular stigma.

Taxonomic notes.
The taxon praetermissa Warren, possibly only a race of the Palaearctic c-nigrum, is known from India, Sumatra, Java, S. Sulawesi, (insularis Warren), Luzon. In Sumatra and Luzon it is sympatric with endemic species, X. latinigra Prout comb. n. and X. crassipuncta Wileman & West comb. n. respectively. The Bornean species is related to these two, sharing characters with both: the apex of the aedeagus ventrally has an angular process as in crassipuncta (though not as large) rather than coarse scobination as in c-nigrum and latinigra; the harpe is angled apically strongly as in latinigra. The valves are somewhat broader than in the other species. There are also differences in the scobinate tongue to the centre of the juxta: narrow in crassipuncta, intermediate in praetermissa and latinigra, and broad in c-nigrum and isolata. X. latinigra has a diagnostic line of scobination into the vesica from the patch on the aedeagus apex.

Geographical range.

Habitat preference.
The species is only known from G. Kinabalu where it is not uncommon at altitudes from 2100m to 2600m.

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