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Agrotis kinabaluensis Holloway 
Agrotis kinabaluensis Holloway, 1976: 6.

Agrotis kinabaluensis  

Agrotis kinabaluensis  


The forewings are an ashy grey, with fine, weak black markings; females often have the dorsum more darkly clouded. The postmedial is single, crenulate.

Taxonomic notes.
The species is one of a group flying in the mountains of central Indonesia, the others being A. magnipunctata Prout (Buru, Seram) and species from Sulawesi (slide 12950) and Seram (slide 12941). There is a group of three of four grey montane species in New Guinea that may be related. One (slide 9548, 9549) shows modification of the male genitalia (loss of corona, enlarged, sinuous harpe) but another (slide 14081) is more typical. The group is similar in facies, and therefore possibly related, to the Palaearctic A. cinerea Denis & Schiffermuller.

Geographical range.

Habitat preference.
The species is found commonly at 2600m on G. Kinabalu but can occur from 1600-3750m.

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