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Lignispalta Gen. n.

Type species: incertissima Bethune-Baker.

Species of this genus have narrow forewings with a ligneous pattern, typically including a pale apical patch that extends half way to the dorsum. This patch is bordered white basad; this white border has a distal brown triangle centrally that is flanked on either side to the margin by cream areas, the anterior cream patch separated thinly with white from the brown triangle. The postmedial is blackish, double, crenulate, and the reniform is usually prominent. The hindwings are pale brown, grading darker distad, and with a diffuse, dark brown discal lunule. This lunule and crenulate single postmedials on both wings are more prominent on the underside.

The male antennae are ciliate, those of the female filiform.

The male abdomen is highly modified in the type species. Basal hair pencils are lacking but the eighth sternite has prominent lateral rods that connect with the edge of a deep pocket over the anterior of the sternite, opening posteriorly; the seventh tergite supports an unusual semicircular area of broad scales. These features are not seen in other species, apart from the lateral rods. The male genitalia are variable in structure, providing no obvious generic features.

The female genitalia have the base of the ductus sclerotised, broadening gently to the ostium; distally it may or may not extend unsclerotised before opening into the bursa which is usually corrugate, scobinate, elongate.

The facies features mentioned are those that provide the strongest indication that the included species are congeneric. As well as the species discussed below, the genus includes L. caerulea Robinson comb. n. (Fiji) and undescribed taxa from tropical Australasia and Saleyer I.

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