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Condica dolorosa Walker  
Mamestra dolorosa Walker, 1865, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln. Br. Mus., 32: 667.
Hadena taprobanae Felder,1874, Reise. Ost. Fregatte Novara p1. 110. 
Platysenta dolorosa Walker; Holloway, 1976: 14.

Condica dolorosa

The forewings are almost black, with the reniform highlighted clearly if brokenly by white markings. There are also faint submarginal white markings. C. albigutta is larger, browner, with the reniform more weakly highlighted but with the submarginal markings stronger. C. albigutta is also very much paler on the underside, with a dark discal lunule on the hindwing.

Geographical range.
Indo-Australian tropics.

Habitat preference.
A single male was taken at l200m in cultivation on G. Kinabalu (Bundu Tuhan).

The larva (Bell MS) is similar to that of C. illecta. The body is yellowish green with a dorsal violet band, dilating in each segment in diamond form, and symmetrically marbled whitish and green. There are lateral patches of the same nature on each segment just above the spiracle, and also below the spiracle. The extent of violet marking is variable.

Pupation is as for C. illecta, in the soil.

Host-plants noted (Bell; Sevastopulo, 1941) are: Conyza, Elephantopus (Compositae).

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