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Godonela Boisduval

Type species: aestimaria Hübner, Europe. Godonela is a replacement name for the preoccupied Pharmacis Hübner (Fletcher, 1979).

Synonyms: Acadra Herrich-Schäffer (type species rectistriaria Herrich-Schäffer, S. Africa) syn. n.; Allochrosis Strand (type species suriens Strand, Tanzania) syn. n.; Automolodes Warren (type species vacuna Druce, Solomon Is.) syn. n.; Evarzia Walker (type species ozararia Walker) syn. n.; Gubaria Moore (type species fasciata Fabricius =florinata Guenée (see Holloway, 1982), India) syn. n.; Iulocera Warren (type species variegata Warren, New Guinea) syn. n.; Thyridesia Wehrli (type species pluviata Fabricius, India) syn. n.

This genus has been defined in the introduction to the tribe (See Macariini), and will probably be found to embrace the majority of Indo-Australian taxa previously referred to Semiothisa Hübner. These can probably be assigned to a number of distinct subgenera but a review of this nature is beyond the scope of this work.

The majority of host-plant records for Oriental members of the genus are from genera of the Leguminosae such as Acacia, Albizzia, Bauhinia, Cassia, Delonix, Intsia, Mimosa and Paraserianthes (Browne, 1968; Singh, 1953; Banziger, 1988; Bell, MS). A few genera from other plant families have been noted, such as Elaeagnus (Elaeagnaceae), Tamarix (Tamaricaceae) and Terminalia (Combretaceae).

The male adults of many species suck lachrymal and/or other body fluids (e.g. urine and from dung) from mammals such as ungulates, elephants and occasionally man (Bänziger & Fletcher, 1988). All the taxa referred to fall within Godonela as recognised here.

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