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Lampadopteryx Warren

Type species: scintillans Warren.

This is a monobasic genus containing a single rare Bornean species.

The facies is highly distinctive, black with several rows of iridescent blue dashes traversing the wings. The hindwing is white at the margin above and almost entirely white below except for apical and tornal grey patches and a broken grey postmedial. The forewing below is dark grey, paler over the basal half, with a medial white band traversing the wing.

The male antennae are ciliate. The chaetosemata are normal, not of the characteristic macariine type.

In the male genitalia the uncus is 'horned', the valve is only weakly bifid. The vinculum is looped ventrally on each side and contains coremata. The aedeagus vesica contains two large but unequal cornuti. In the female genitalia the bursa is narrow, conical, sclerotised and fluted over the basal half, and bulbous, membranous, asymmetric over the distal half. There is no signum.

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