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Polyscia Warren

Type species: ochrilinea Warren, N.E. Himalaya.

This genus is amongst a number associated together under Pseudomiza Butler in the BMNH collection. The type species of the latter, the Himalayan castanearia Moore, is not a hypochrosine but has features of facies, build, male antennae and genitalia more typical of the Lithinini (See Lithinini). The other genera are also best treated as distinct as follows:

Dissoplaga Warren (type species sangiflua Moore = flava Moore) has no furca in the male genitalia, a rather hooked, acute gnathus and an angular, heavily setose process to the centre of the ventral margin of the valve.

Mimomiza Warren (type species cruentaria Moore) includes a number of Himalayan and Chinese species, robust, yellow, with a whitish costal patch just interior to the oblique forewing postmedial. The male antennae are strongly bipectinate. In the male genitalia the furca is robust, symmetric, with broad basal sections on each side from the apex of which a long spine arises anteriorly curving up into the abdomen, then out posteriorly. Other species are leucogonia Hampson and haemonia Wehrli.

Polyscia has similar general facies to the other genera, pale fawn or yellow ground with an oblique postmedial to the forewing. The male antennae are filiform. The furca of the male genitalia is asymmetric, reduced on the left, but elongate, sclerotised, terminating in a spine or spur on the right. The uncus is subbasally slender, expanded subapically. As well as the type species there is the species described below.

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