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Garaeus conspicienda sp. n.  

Garaeus conspicienda

19-20mm. This is a more vinous purplish species than the previous two, the fasciae delineated whitish. The forewing postmedial is diagnostically sinuous or angled towards the dorsum, with a diffuse pale patch adjacent basad in most Peninsular specimens. The antemedial is more separated from the postmedial. In the male genitalia the spine of the furca is relatively much longer than in apicata.

The specific epithet is a manuscript name applied to this species by L.S. Prout.

Holotype . [PENINSULAR MALAYSIA]: Pahang, F.M.S., Cameron Highlands, at light, 4800ft, 17.6.1933 (H.M. Pendlebury) BM geometrid slide 12751.

Paratypes: 3 MALAY PENINSULA: Selangor, Bukit Kutu, at light, 3500ft [various dates] (H.M. Pendlebury); 1 MALAY STATES, Bukit Kutu, 3300ft (A.R. Sanderson).

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. Of the two Bornean specimens seen, only one had ecological data, coming from lowland forest (60m) at Labi, Brunei. The other is from Sudong. Peninsular Malaysia material is from more montane localities as listed above.

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