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Luxiaria Walker

Type species: alfenusaria Walker (= phyllosaria Walker).

Synonym: Euippe Meyrick (type species phalarota Meyrick, Solomons) syn. n.

This is the most diverse eutoeine genus in Borneo. It resembles the previous two genera in a number of features such as the ciliate male antennae, central lobe to the valves of the male genitalia, subapical processes or flanges on the ventral arm of the valve, a central apodeme-like structure on the anterior margin of sternite 7 and, in the female, absence of a signum.

The hindwing margins are rounded rather than angled, though generally crenulate. The lobe between the valve arms in the genitalia is marginally sclerotised, often rather angular. The uncus is short, strongly bilobed, with a dorsal spur set within the cleft between the lobe. The aedeagus vesica has a lateral digitate lobe that terminates in a single cornutus with scobination over the distal part of the lobe leading up to it. Euippe shares these features and is therefore brought into synonymy.

Some comments on the biogeography and ecology of the genus may be found in Holloway (1991). Bornean species occur in both lowland and montane zones. Many species resemble each other closely so reference to characters of male genitalia may be necessary.

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