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Calletaera Warren

Type species: ruptaria Walker (= subexpressa Walker).

Members of this genus mostly have the hindwing distinctly angled at the margin at vein M3. The male antennae are bipectinate in all species discussed below except subgravata Prout and postvittata Walker where they are filiform, ciliate.

In most species the uncus is round-shouldered. The arms of the valves are divided by a deep cleft but not separated by a lobe or valvula. A potentially definitive feature is a thorn-like process at the apex of the aedeagus, but otherwise the genus lacks apomorphic features and may therefore be para- or polyphyletic.

The inclusion of jotaria is tentative. This species lacks the aedeagus thorn, has the signum of the female genitalia unspined, disklike, and has a fine black lunulate discal mark on the forewing.

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