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Serratophyga sterrhoticha Prout comb. n.  
Hypephyra sterrhoticha Prout, 1937, Novit. zool. 40:188.

Serratophyga sterrhoticha

See the generic description.

Taxonomic notes. The species is very similar to subangulata but has a more elongate valve with a much smaller semicircular flange. The spur on the dorsal process is more pronounced. The valve is shorter, more sharply tapering in Sulawesi material.

Geographical range. Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi.

Habitat preference. The four specimens taken in recent surveys are from a wide range of habitats: mangrove; forest on limestone at 250m (G. Api) and 900m (lower montane, also G. Api); hill dipterocarp forest at 500m (G. Mulu).

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