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Cassyma Guenée

Type species: quadrinata Guenée.

Synonym: Ingena Walker (type species sciticincta Walker).

The wings of Cassyma species are gray or pale yellow in ground colour, strongly and irregularly fasciated, one or more of these fasciae being distinctly crenulate, usually the postmedial and often the submarginal. The male antennae are filiform, ciliate. The type species has the hindwing angled at M3; in congeners the margin is rounded.

The male genitalia have the dorsal process set well apart from the rest of the valves which are usually narrow, straplike, with a single basal corema. There is a pronounced furca, the slender arms of which are usually bilaterally asymmetric. The uncus is narrow, curved, tapering. The eighth sternite is usually narrow, laterally thickened and with an anteriorly directed V-shaped structure at its base, the apodemes of which support small coremata exteriorly; distally it is bilobed.

The female genitalia often have no marked diagnostic features. The signum is mushroom-like but irregularly shaped in C. sciticincta Walker, but reduced to a small scobinate patch in the type species.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics and is not represented east of Sundaland. C. lucifera Warren from New Guinea is misplaced and appears to belong to the Baptini. Two further Oriental species are transferred to Peratostega Warren (See Peratostega Warren Gen. rev.).

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