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Peratostega Warren Gen. rev.

Type species: coctata Warren.

This genus has been placed in synonymy with Auzeodes, but shows differences from it that are as great as those separating both from Danala.

The facies is of the same dull reddish brown colour as that of the previous two genera, but it lacks any modifications to the wing shape. The male antennae are filiform, ciliate.

In the male genitalia the coremata of the valve are single. The main part of the valve is short, triangular, almost cupulate, with a double spur from the sclerotised ventral angle. There is a short saccus. The small aedeagus vesica has a broad scobinate band running longitudinally. The eighth segment is unmodified.

The female has the bursa pyriform with the signum bearing a straight flange that is bifid or bilobed, and there is some scobination basally near the ductus. The ductus is narrow but is set within a broad ostium created by a crescent-shaped lamella antevaginalis that is often thickened, corrugate; there is no lamella postvaginalis.

The group is here expanded to include two mainland Oriental species P. deletaria Moore comb. n. and P. indistincta Moore comb. n. previously assigned to Cassyma, together with a related new species from Borneo. The genitalic features are generally compatible with those discussed above; the valve shape is variable, but there is an apically spurred ventral portion to the main part, that is less pronounced. The diagnostic features of the signum and lamella antevaginalis are present, though the latter is more sclerotised, less corrugate.

The host-plant of P. deletaria is given as Quercus (Fagaceae) in Inoue et al.(1982).

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