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Ectropidia Warren

Type species: exprimata Walker.

Males in this genus and Diplurodes Warren lack a fovea in the forewing and have fasciculate antennae. They often have a tuft of sexual hair-scales associated with the dorsum of the hindwing. The abdomen characteristically has strong coremata between segments 6 and 7 as in Myrioblephara and often a strong pair between 3 and 4. A weak one may occur between 4 and 5 (strong in Diplurodes; that between 3 and 4 is weak or absent). In the type species and a few others there is a coarsely spined short corema between 7 and 8. Diplurodes lacks a pair of coremata between 6 and 7, but usually has a strong one between 7 and 8.

In the male genitalia, the uncus is usually small, often deeper than broad, the gnathus reduced with a distal rugose zone, or lost. The process on the valve sacculus is typically digitate, inwardly directed, with one or more robust, curved, spine-like setae at its apex. Similarly robust setae are frequently located on the ventral margin of the valve; the ventral margin of the valve costa may also be modified, and the costa itself is strongly defined.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor is elongated. The eighth segment is tubular, sclerotised, lightly creased laterally (Diplurodes is similar). The ductus is short, the bursa elongate, with a weak, rather irregular signum set at the distal end.

The genus is most diverse morphologically in Sundaland but is also represented in S.E. Asia and the Indian Subregion (E. shoreae Prout comb. n. from India has the coarsely spined coremata (see above) well developed). The majority of Myrioblephara-group species in Sulawesi are Ectropidia and appear to be derived from a common ancestor that speciated on Sulawesi (Holloway, 1991). This lineage has also contributed a few species to the Moluccas and New Guinea.

E. shoreae was described from material reared from Shorea robusta (Dipterocarpaceae).

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