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Zanclopera Warren

Type species: falcata Warren.

This genus is allied to Krananda, having a similar excavation to the apex of the hindwing and fasciculate male antennae. There is a well developed fovea. The forewing is falcate, the facies an ochreous buff with only the postmedials strongly defined, that of the forewing more prominent and dark towards the dorsum.

In the male abdomen there is a setal comb on sternite 3. The valves of the genitalia have a central setose lobe as in some Krananda but are distinguished by a triangular process arising subbasally from the costa and bearing a distal tuft of long setae. It is not clear whether this process is homologous with the flexed digitate process in the same position in K. oliveomarginata Swinhoe.

The female genitalia are less elongate than in Krananda but with a similar bursa and signum structure. There is therefore a case for including the genus as a synonym of Krananda.

The genus contains the type species and Z. straminearia Leech from China.

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