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Curbia Warren

Type species: martiata Guenée.

The ground colour is yellow, the wings finely striated and fasciated with reddish brown, most strongly in a transverse hindwing medial that is contiguous with the oblique postmedial fascia on the forewing. The latter is interrupted, recurring as a short bar at the costa in a much more basal position, together with an antemedial bar; there is a faint discal bar. The male antennae are filiform, very weakly serrate.

The structure and setation of the valves of the male genitalia suggests the genus might be associated tentatively with the major group of genera: the valve costa has a central angular process also. But the ventral part of the valve is expanded into a semicircular lobe fringed with long setae, and the uncus is complex: scobinate, with a slender pseudouncus dorsally. The aedeagus is strongly flexed. In the female, the ductus is very slender, as is the pyriform, longitudinally crinkled bursa. The signum is a single, longitudinal, narrow ridge-like sclerotisation that is almost half as long as the bursa.

The genus contains the type species only.

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