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Bulonga trilineata Bastelberger 
Bulonga trilineata Bastelberger, 1905, Ent. Zeitschr. 19: 5.

Bulonga trilineata

This species is a deeper almost bluish grey relative to its congener, with strong, dark postmedial fasciae on both wings that are repeated on the underside. The build is more slender, the forewing margins more strongly convex.

Taxonomic notes. The placement of trilineata in Bulonga is open to question. The fasciation of upper and undersides of the wings is atypical, and the male genitalia have few features in common with schistacearia, being far more closely typical of the major group of genera here placed in Baptini. There is a strong angled process at the centre of the valve costa, and the setation is more typical, including the presence of a peg-like seta almost at the valve apex. The uncus is unusually broadly trifid, the outer processes possibly being modified socii. The female genitalia have the ductus very short and the bursa elongate. The latter has a small, sclerotised, horn-like appendix basally and two opposed discs of spines subapically.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. There is a long series from G. Kinabalu collected by Waterstradt that lacks precise data. Of five recently collected specimens, three are from montane forest (900m and 1200m) on the limestone G. Api, Sarawak, and two are from Brunei: lowland forest at 400m (Tutong Bedawan) and upper montane forest at 1618m (Bukit Retak).

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