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Bulonga Walker

Type species: schistacearia Walker.

Synonym: Antibadistes Warren (type species subcinerea Warren, Moluccas = griseosericea Pagenstecher, Aru Is.).

The forewings are almost triangular, the margin only slightly curved. The hindwing margin is slightly wavy, with an angle between M3 and CuA1 in all except the type species. The habitus is generally ashy grey, the wings with diffuse, transverse, rufous-tinged fasciae. The postmedials and antemedials are fine, more clearly defined than the rest, but only the hindwing postmedial is sharply defined, and edged finely paler distad. The discal spots are picked out faintly darker. The underside is paler, whitish in some species, with a submarginal row of dark blotches or a diffusely darker band. The head is generally dull orange, the male antennae filiform, densely invested with short cilia. The retinaculum is rather long and slender.

In the male genitalia of the type species the uncus is obtusely angled, set on prominent, shallow 'shoulders' that bear socii. The gnathus is a weak band of sclerotisation. The valve setation is much as in the major generic grouping but extends weakly to the ventral margin. Instead of peg-like setae there is an extensive grouping of larger setae at the valve apex. The aedeagus vesica has a short terminal diverticulum bearing two rather blade-like cornuti, one with a shorter subsidary cornutus. In the female the bursa is elongate, slender, curved, sclerotised and fluted except for a slightly bulbous membranous apical fifth. The signum is set subbasally in the fluted portion and consists of a mushroom-like disc that is only weakly spined. The genus contains Oriental (schistacearia) and Melanesian species (griseosericea) that overlap in Sulawesi. B. phillipsi Prout is endemic to Fiji and B. distans Warren flies in Queensland. B. fulvocapitata Snellen from Java appears to be close to schistacearia but has not been examined.

B. trilineata Bastelberger may be misplaced in this genus (See Bulonga trilineata Bastelberger).

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