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Scopula 9015
Scopula perfilata Prout sensu Holloway, 1976: 85.

Scopula 9015 (x 1.16)

The facies, particularly the rather strong medial fasciae, resembles that of S. perfilata and other taxa referred to by Holloway (1976), but the genitalia do not match. The sclerotisation of the ostium is larger, broader than in perfilata and the signum is normal, rather than being reduced to a narrow band. S. perfilata (Java) and S. seductilis Prout (Sumatra) should be placed in synonymy with S. consimilata Warren (N.E. Himalaya), syns. n., as they have similar features of the male abdomen as well as facies, particularly the rather rectangular eighth sternite, the cerata set distally, reduced to small, setose lobes. The basis of the socii are swollen, directed ventrally before flexing slightly upwards.

The specimen was taken at 1500m on the Mesilau Plateau of G. Kinabalu.

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