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Bosara Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: dilatata Walker.

Synonym: Gullaca Warren (type species modesta Warren, N.E. Himalaya, Java).

This species brings together small, mostly brown species from the old, broad concept of Chloroclystis that show moderate sexual dimorphism, usually a bowing of the costa of the male, more evenly than in Axinoptera Hampson and sometimes (e.g. typical Bosara) with a crest of scales on the costal margin or just subcostally. The forewings are rather deep in both sexes and distinguished by a doubly angled postmedial to both wings, often emphasised by darker brown just basad within the angles: the postmedials are not a single fine darker line as in Axinoptera.

In the male abdomen the octavals are strong, fused into a single process in dilatata but separate though distally convergent in most other species. The genitalia have the tegumen expanded into an ovate plate that hoods the smaller, acute uncus. The hood is sometimes bilobed apically. The valves are usually rather narrow, with the apex of the sacculus produced into a small spur or triangle. The aedeagus vesica is usually generally scobinate, though rarely with cornuti.

The female ductus and bursa are diverse in structure as illustrated, though the bursa is usually partially or wholly lightly spined distally and sometimes sclerotised basally, occasionally with a subbasal lateral lobe within the sclerotised portion.

The genus probably embraces the following as well as the type species above and the Bornean species below though the placement needs confirmation by dissection. B. catabares Prout comb. n. (Sulawesi); B. phoenicophaes Prout comb. n. (Sulawesi); B. cuneativenis Prout comb. n. (Sulawesi); B. atypha Prout comb. n. (Sulawesi); B. pygmaeica Prout comb. n. (Sulawesi); B. epilopha Turner comb. n. (Queensland); B. linda Robinson comb. n. (Fiji); B. callinda Holloway comb. n. (New Caledonia).

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