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Zeugma Walker Gen. rev.

Type species: recusataria Walker.

Synonym: Dizuga Warren (type species parva Warren = recusataria ssp.).

The single species in this genus does not fall readily within the definition of those preceding or following. It is one of the smallest in the complex, the wings pink with black dots on the veins in the ante- and postmedials and in the spaces on the margin and submarginals. The discal marks are also black, without pale centres. The hindwing margins are slightly concave between the veins. The submarginals are not punctate in other genera (except for Perixera jocosa Warren). The postmedial dots on M2 are barely displaced basad, resembling the situation in the previous two genera: the displacement is usually strong in the next two.

The male abdomen lacks coremata. The genitalia have the uncal structure divided into two well separated lobes with bands of setae (and a basal spine in typical recusataria) along their interior margins. The valves lack costal and saccular processes and are rather narrow, apically spatulate with an interior brush of robust setae.

The female genitalia have the sterigma rather complex as illustrated: the bursa copulatrix is small, pyriform, without a signum.

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