Plate 8

Notodontella nieuwenhuisi (Java) Chadisra luzonensis (Java)
Chadisra luzonensis Chadisra basivacua
Chadisra borneensis (holotype) Ramesa tripunctata
Fentonia talboti Fentonia talboti
Disparia sundana  Chadisra luzonensis
Chadisra basivacua Chadisra borneensis(paratype)
Teleclita sundana * (Philippines) Teleclita sundana(holotype, Singapore)
Rodneya caudata Pseudohoplitis vernalis
Pseudoteleclita flavisticta Harpyia microsticta
Caschara punctifera Caschara punctifera
Caschara punctifera Fentonia bipunctus

* The male illustrated here for Teleclita sundana is in fact probably T. cathana Schaus. The true male, which will be illustrated by Dr R. Bender in the Heterocera Sumatrana Notodontidae volume, has basal markings to the forewing as in the female. The genitalia also differ from those shown in Figure 80, being more as in strigata, but with differences in uncus shape and in the shape of the central spine to the valve.

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