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Antitrygodes Warren

Type species: divisaria Walker.

The facies of this genus is distinctive, with dark green patches on a variegated grey ground. The male antennae are ciliate, and the tarsi of the hind- legs are modified into a spine-like structure (Fig. 175).

In the male abdomen the pouch on sternite 2 is moderate. The eighth sternite has cerata, usually symmetrical. In the genitalia the socii are only moderately sclerotised, setose, and the valves are usually complex but bilaterally symmetrical.

In the female the signum is expanded to the full length and breadth of the bursa, the spines rather large.

The genus occurs at moderate diversity through the Old World tropics to as far east as the Solomons. Host records are mostly from the Rubiaceae though Barlow (1982) refers also to Verbenaceae for the type species.

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