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Erythrolophus Swinhoe

Type species: fascicorpus Swinhoe.

The facies is described in the specific account below. The hindwing discal spot does not consist of two white dashes as in some other genera, including the monobasic Australasian tropical genus Pseuderythrolophus Prout.

The male antennae are bipectinate, unusually for the Rhodostrophiini, and the hind-tibia has a scent-pencil. In the abdomen the tympanic bulla has a sort of accessory lobe posteriorly, and the anterior margin of the second sternite is narrowly fringed with short scales (Fig 154).

In the male genitalia the gnathus is strong and the uncus strikingly bifid, each spatulate arm bearing a pad of fine setae. The valves are triangular, bidentate apically: there is a slight lobe at the apex of the sacculus.

The female genitalia have transverse, thickened grooves flanking the ostium. The ductus is narrow, gently broadening out into the rather elongate bursa. The latter lacks a signum.

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