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Carbia brunnefacta sp. n.  
Carbia calefacta Prout, partim (see above).

Carbia brunnefacta(holotype)
(x 1.33)

9-10mm. This is a smaller species than calefacta, with narrower, browner forewings, the basal zone being less fasciated with white, the antemedial meeting the dorsum more obliquely at its point of contact. The hindwings are also browner, duller. The genitalia have the spines in the bursa more even in size than in calefacta (where they are smaller on one side) and not extending as far into the short neck.

Holotype  Kuching, SARAWAK, 6.xi. 1900 (Shelford) BM geometrid slide 18631.

Paratypes: l BORNEO: Serambi, Dec 1898 (R. Shelford); 1 Pulo Laut (Doherty) 96-34, BM geometrid slide 18670.

Geographical range. Borneo, ?Singapore (H. N. Ridley specimen).

Habitat preference. All material is from lowland localities.

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