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Pelagodes cochlearis sp. n.  

Pelagodes cochlearis
(holotype, Sumatra)

19-20mm, 21mm. This is the largest species noted in Borneo; the facies is typical of the genus. Again, diagnostic features are in the male abdomen: the processes of the eighth segment are short broad, spoon-like; the process from the valve costa is digitate, blunt, slightly flexed, well subapical: the ventral margin of the valve is stepped.

The genitalia of a putative Bornean female from the same locality as the male are illustrated.

Holotype Lebong Tandai, W. SUMATRA, 6.xii.1921 (C.J. Brooks coll.) No 4179, BM geometrid slide 4077.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo (slides 8466 (), 10712 ()).

Habitat preference. Two Bornean specimens are from mixed dipterocarp forest at 150m (Mulu survey), and a third from Bidi, also in the lowlands of Sarawak.

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