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Agathia obsoleta Warren
Agathia obsoleta Warren, 1897, Novit. zool., 4: 208.

Agathia obsoleta

Agathia obsoleta

Agathia obsoleta


In both sexes the grey-brown borders are infused with green, indistinctly defined, that of the female much broader than that of the male. Females of the next species have a central dentate intrusion of the green into the borders.

Taxonomic notes.
There is some variation in size and the extent of green in the marginal brown zone: larger specimens tend to have the latter more restricted, yet more clearly defined. Typical Javan material is more extensively green than either. There is also variation in the shape of the scobinate costal lobe and in the depth of the socii in the male genitalia. A small Bornean male (above) matches a small Sumatran male (colln Sommerer, slide 22/1990) well in genitalia (Fig 205), but there is less close correspondence between large males (Fig 203), with the Sumatran specimen (colln Sommerer, slide 55/1989) having very large, deep socii. Insufficient Bornean material was available to resolve whether more than one species is involved. The genitalia of a Javan male matched those of the smaller specimens more closely.

Geographical range.
Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Philippines.

Habitat preference.
This is a rare species of lowland forests, including heath forest.

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