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Derambila zanclopterata Walker
Acidalia (?) zanclopterata Walker, 1863, List Specimens lepid. Insects Colln Br. Mus., 26:

Derambila zanclopterata

In facies this species resembles the next, having a general brownish suffusion over the wings, concentrated along the forewing costa. The postmedials are sinuous rows of clearer brown patches, bulging towards the margin centrally. The clearer brown is more or less free of the brown suffusion unlike in the next species where it tends to concentrate it. The principal diagnostic feature is the shape and ornamentation of the female bursa: this is bilobed, complexly sclerotised, with spines in two circular arrays as well as more irregularly distributed.

Taxonomic notes. The holotype (UM Oxford) is a female with all except half a hindwing missing. Fortunately, the abdomen was present, enabling the identity to be established.

A male (10mm) from Dinding I. off the coast of Perak, Peninsular Malaysia, may be of this species. The facies matches and the genitalia (slide 17040) have the central spine of the valve apically slightly sinuous, reaching the centre of the costal process. The aedeagus vesica is unfortunately damaged, but is similar to that of saponaria and costata.

Geographical range. Borneo, Bangka I., Sumatra, ?Peninsular Malaysia.

Habitat preference. The holotype female is from Sarawak, and there is a further female from Bidi in the coastal lowlands of Sarawak.

Bangka is a low lying island off the south east coast of Sumatra.

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