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Derambila herbuloti sp. n

Derambila herbuloti

8mm. This species is similar in size to those of the saponaria group, but has a conspicuously large black forewing discal spot and relatively large brown patches in the fasciae. Those on veins M2 and M3 of the postmedials on both wings are diagnostically displaced distad. The submarginal patches are close to the margins, themselves only faintly finely delineated darker (rather than punctate). The Sri Lankan D. adaucta Prout has a similarly large discal spot, but the margins are punctate and the brown patches weak everywhere except at the forewing dorsum and at the hindwing disc and costal zone. The genitalia of herbuloti have a long, very slender uncus with a small setose pad at the tip. The valves have a quadrate expansion at the centre of the costa, and an upwardly falcate apex. The aedeagus vesica contains one large and two small cornuti.

Holotype  SABAH (N. Borneo). Env. de Sandakan, Sepilok, 26/28.iii.1987 (C. Herbulot) in Colln Herbulot.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The holotype is from a locality with lowland dipterocarp forest and its secondary derivatives.

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