This work was undertaken partly as a research programme of the International Institute of Entomology (IIE), but mostly in the process of providing taxonomic support for Jurie Intachat's (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, FRIM) Research programme within the (FRIM) Regional Forestry Research project with funds provided by the British Overseas Development Administration.

For the naming of the species on Dooabia Warren, The Royal Geographical Society is making a financial contribution towards the research costs of the next part in the series, which will also include descriptions of much more of the moth fauna of the Kuala Belalong forests.

Considerable support for the publication of The Moths of Borneo series continues to be provided by Henry Barlow. This has extended to funding a part-time research assistant from proceeds accruing from sales of the reprint edition of the series. This post has been filled by Mandy Heddle who did some of the dissection work, labelling of material and the artwork for Figs 1-4. Her successor, Nýria Lopez Mercader, helped prepare the plates of genitalia figures.

I am very grateful to my wife, Phillipa, for the long hours she put in at the keyboard to produce camera-ready copy for the text and figure legends, and to Locomotive Software for the use of their equipment and materials.

The moths were photographed by Bernard DíAbrera, and those of the larvae by Mike Bascombe and Chey Vun Khen. Graham duHeaume helped with film processing.

The work would have been impossible without full access to the collections of The Natural History Museum, London. Material was also examined in, or from, the Australian National Insect Collection, Canberra, the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen, the Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, the U.S. National Museum of Natural History, Washington, the B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, the University Museum, Oxford, the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, the Forest Research Centre collection, Sepilok, and the FRIM collection, Kepong. I am grateful to the staff of all these institutions for their assistance, and for Chey Vun Khen and Jurie Intachat of the last two for access to unpublished host records. Such records were also gleaned from data taken from material submitted to IIE over the years for identification (Oenochrominae). John Rawlins kindly provided me with a translation of host-plant data in Inoue et al. (1982). Mike Bascombe provided host data from Hong Kong. Paddy Murphy kindly sent voucher material from his mangrove studies for examination.

I have enjoyed close collaboration with Manfred Sommerer of the Heterocera Sumatrana Society. Our studies of the Oenochrominae sensu lato have proceeded more or less in parallel, with mutual support, and valuable critiques of drafts of the text. Thanks are also due to the following for their critical comments on all or part of the text: Douglas Ferguson, Hiroshi Inoue, Linda Pitkin, Malcolm Scoble and Katsumi Yasaki. The work also benefited from discussions held at various times with David Carter, Chey Vun Khen, Mark Cook, Steve Fletcher, Tony Galsworthy, M. Claude Herbulot (who also kindly loaned or donated Bornean material from his collection). Hiroshi Inoue, Jurie Intachat, Linda Pitkin, and correspondence with many of these, Prashanth Mohanraj and Katsumi Yasaki.

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