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Dysaethria grisea Warren comb. n
Epiplema grisea Warren, 1896, Novit. zool., 3: 276.
Epiplema catenigera Warren, 1905, Novit. zool., 12: 412, syn. n.

Dysaethria grisea

In facies this species is similar to members of the conflictaria complex but is browner or greyer, with the forewing postmedial slightly more flexed. The dark brown shading basal to the posterior side of the hindwing postmedial angle is much more extensive, less lunulate. The uncal structure is more as in the earlier species discussed, the valves relatively simple, and the aedeagus vesica has a bundle of three or four slender, unequal cornuti.

Taxonomic notes. Despite the wide disjunction of the localities recorded, the genitalic characters are constant. D. warreni Rothschild comb. n. (New Guinea) is externally similar but has smaller uncus processes set more closely together, and a narrower, more triangular valve.

Geographical range. Solomons, New Guinea, Borneo, India.

Habitat preference. Only two Bornean specimens have been located, from the low-lying island of Pulo Laut.

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