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Dysaethria caerulimargo Holloway comb. n.  
Epiplema caerulimargo Holloway, 1976: 87.

Dysaethria caerulimargo (paratype)

The species is distinguished by the uniform, finely speckled pale brown wings, the scales lustrous, reflecting bluish in some lights when material is fresh. The pattern elements are obscure but resemble those of punctata. However, the male genitalia lack the fan of paddle-like scales seen in punctata and allies.

Taxonomic notes. The holotype suffered from beetle attack subsequent to description, and only two wings and the genitalia preparation remain. The paratypes proved to be all female.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. All material is from G. Kinabalu, where the species is infrequent from 1500m to 2110m.

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