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Dysaethria lilacina Moore stat. rev. & comb. n.  
Dirades lilacina Moore, 1887, Lepid. Ceylon, 3: 401.

Dysaethria lilacina

This and the next species are diagnostically violet grey with reddish brown speckling basal to the posterior half of the hindwing postmedial. There are white flecks submarginally between the hindwing tails, and the forewing postmedial is strongly broadened at the dorsum. See Dysaethria rubrililacina sp.n. for distinction of the two.

Taxonomic notes. This species has been regarded as a synonym of D. conflictaria Walker (e.g. as listed by Nielsen, Edwards & Rangsi (1996)), but is distinct.

Geographical range. Indian Subregion to New Guinea and Bismarcks.

Habitat preference. The only Bornean specimen seen is a male from Penungah in the lowlands of Sabah.

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