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Chaetoceras Warren

Type species: simplex Warren, Ambon and Seram.

This genus includes a small number of grey, black and brown species that have 'conventionally' fasciated wings, lacking the sharp angle to the fasciae on the hindwing of the genera following: the hindwing is also without tails at the margin, though that of all except the type species is excavate at the dorsum. The forewing apex is slightly falcate, the centre of the margin bulging such that the margin overall is sinuous. The forewing venation is typical, with R1 arising independently from R2-4. Vein M2 is present in the hindwing. The male antennae are strongly bipectinate, those of the female being filiform.

The male genitalia have the uncus broadly triangular basally and long, slender, spine-like distally. The gnathus is vestigial, finely ribbon-like. The valves are simple, with a rather inflated, membranous sacculus within which there is an arcuate or sinuous ribbon of sclerotisation. At the base of this there is a small hair-pencil and a long, rather angularly curved, blade-like spine. The eighth abdominal sternite is distally bilobed.

The female genitalia of the new species described below have the ductus sclerotised, conical, the bursa arising from it as a narrow tube, expanding into a pyriform corpus bursa with a prominent signum consisting of a bilaterally symmetrical spined structure with a weak central suture: this also forms a weak division between coxcomb-like structures on each side.

Apart from the type species and those described below, the genus also contains C. diversipennis Warren (Moluccas), possibly merely a synonym of simplex.

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