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Chundana Walker

Type species: lugubris Walker.

Synonyms: Metorthocheilus Hampson (type species emarginata Hampson, cited erroneously as subobscurata Walker by Fletcher (1979)) syn. n.; Paradirades Warren (type species assimilis Warren, New Guinea).

The above synonymy brings together genera where the male has a characteristic double fovea at the base of the forewing, straddling, and divided by, the fold marking the position of vein CuP: the basal part of vein CuA is somewhat sinuous just anterior to the fovea. Also combined with the genus are two further species that lack this fovea but have a sinuous base to vein CuA and other diagnostic features of the male genitalia described below. All have rather narrow wings, the hindwings usually with two straight, parallel fasciae rather than the typically angled ones seen in most epiplemines. The male antennae are densely unipectinate, approaching the serrate, lamellate condition of other genera.

The male genitalia have a pair of spines, probably modified setae, at the distal end of the sacculus, the major diagnostic feature. The costa may also terminate in a spine or spur (not in lugubris and assimilis). The uncus is entire, narrow (emarginata), broad (lugubris and assimilis) or bifid (the two additional species). The gnathus is present but weak in the first two but strong, divided in the last. The first two have a small hair-pencil at the base of the valve sacculus, absent in the two additional species, though these have a sparsely setose, digitate process basally on the interior of each valve.

The ovipositor lobes of the female are usually squarish or triangular. The bursa has two small stellate signa opposite a much larger one (assimilis: Fig 203), two large stellate signa (emarginata) or two longitudinal bands of scattered small spines (the additional species).

All known species are mentioned above or in the section following, except for C. fulvilunata Warren (New Guinea). One has been reared from the Rubiaceae.

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