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Phazaca acutilinea Warren comb. n.  
Dirades acutilinea Warren, 1897, Novit. zool., 4: 384.

Phazaca acutilinea

Phazaca acutilinea

The forewings of both sexes are similar to those of erosioides though lacking a black fleck at the postmedial. The male hindwings are dull red with a straw coloured dorsal hair pencil and a finely darker, curved postmedial. In the female the hindwing is grey with a similarly fine postmedial but obtusely angled, not sinuous.

Taxonomic notes. Similar species with red hindwings in the male include the African and mainland Asian P. theclata (illustrated by Inoue (1989) and Chen (1997)) and P. perfallax Warren from Kei Is. The last resembles acutilinea in having an acute, rather than rounded, apex to the valve in the male genitalia, but a forewing pattern more as in those species described after mutans Butler below.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is frequent in lowland and lower montane forest of most types and has been taken as high as 1600m.

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