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Phazaca monticesena sp. n.
Gathynia cesena Swinhoe, sensu Holloway, 1976: 88.

Phazaca monticesena (holotype)

11mm. This is a larger species than cesena, a slightly paler grey, with the more evenly curved, fine, blackish postmedials highlighted by an irregular paler grey zone just distally. The hindwing white zone has a more irregular posterior margin, and the postmedial is parallel to the margin over the posterior two-thirds of the wings. In the female genitalia the ductus terminates in an expanded, conical, scobinate ostium. An externally similar female from Luzon (slide 381) has a much shallower ostium, a much smaller signum and a distally broader ductus; and its hindwing postmedial converges with the margin slightly towards the dorsum. The ostial feature is also backing in cesena, and its signum is intermediate in size.

Holotype SABAH: Mt Kinabalu, Power Station, 1930m, vii-ix. 1965,Cambridge Expedition to Mt Kinabalu 1965 (H.J. Banks, H.S. Barlow & J.D. Holloway), BM uraniid slide 79.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The only specimen is from the upper montane forest zone.

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