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Monobolodes ruptifascia sp. n. 

9mm. The facies is similar to that of pseudosimulans except the forewing is a
more uniform pale brown with the darker brown postmedial evident only at the costa and dorsum. The male genitalia have the valves rather tongue-like, apically rounded, and the vinculum is doubly looped as in rectifascia, though the hair pencil is weak. The aedeagus is broad, with a rounded process apically and some zones of scobination just subapically. The vesica itself is more finely scobinate. No other species with a red hindwing examined has the vinculum doubly looped, with the possible exception of pseudosimulans. Both the sixth and seventh sternites bear patches of modified scales.

Holotype [BORNEO]: Pulo Laut (Doherty) 96-34, BM uraniid slide 458. 

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia (FRIM colln).

Habitat preference. This is probably a lowland species.

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