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Oreta fulgens Warren  
Cobanilla fulgens Warren, 1899, Novit. zool., 6:1.
Cobanilla triumbrata Warren, 1899, Ibid., 6: 2, syn. n.
Oreta thaumalea West, 1932, Novit. zool., 37: 227, syn. n.
Oreta fulgens Warren; Holloway, 1976: 92.

Oreta fulgens

Oreta fulgens

Males of this and the next species are rich brownish red with a V-shaped white discal mark on the forewing (this is seen also in singapura which is distinguished by the oblique forewing fasciae). O. fulgens is slightly larger with the forewing less strongly bifalcate, and with the hindwing only slightly, rather than markedly, darker than the forewing. The females are more yellow and orange as illustrated, that of fulgens again with less bifalcate forewing shape and more uniform in tone. The forewing tornus is marked by two blackish grey spots rather than a more continuous grey and black zone.

Taxonomic notes.
The above synonymy was suggested by Watson (1967) but not formalised because of insufficient material. Only a little more material has accumulated since that time, but it supports the hypothesis that members of the rubromarginata group are characterised by strong sexual dimorphism. Genitalia of males from the Philippines, Sulawesi and the S. Moluccas are somewhat different, probably indicative of subspecific status.

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia; Philippines; Sulawesi; Buru, Seram.

Habitat preference. The species ranges from the lowlands to about 1600m; during the Mulu survey more specimens were taken on the Mulu transect in hill dipterocarp forest, though the species also occurs in coastal forest at Seria in Brunei.

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