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Leucoblepsis Warren

Type species: carneotincta Warren.

Species in this genus have weakly bifalcate forewings and a characteristic pattern of grey and sometimes dull reddish on white, with silvery discal hieroglyphs. There is a translucent area between medial and postmedial grey bands or fasciae subdorsally on the forewing. The male antennae are bipectinate.

In the male abdomen the eighth segment is strongly modified, rather square, box-like. The genitalia show some variety, with the uncus entire or divided, but usually broad, the valves setose, sometimes divided into several lobes. The gnathus and saccus are of variable development.

The female abdomen shows no clear generic features, and the genus is best defined on the characteristic facies, though again there are many variations on the theme.

All four species in the genus occur in Borneo.

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