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Canucha Walker

Type species: curvaria Walker, Mysol I. (east of New Guinea), also New Guinea and Solomons.

Synonym: Campylopteryx Warren (type species sublignata Warren, Moluccas = fleximargo Warren, New Guinea).

The generic limits as indicated by Watson (1968) include a rather heterogeneous assemblage of species. The mainland Asian species he discussed have male abdominal characters very different from those of the type species. The Bornean C. specularis Moore is, however, certainly referable to Canucha. The type species of Campylopteryx is a synonym of C. fleximargo Warren (New Guinea), and both are only represented by males in the series examined. C. curvaria and a related species in the Solomons, C. depressa Warren, are only known from females. It is likely, therefore, that Canucha is represented by one, sexually dimorphic species in the Papuan Subregion.

The male genitalia of this Papuan species and C. specularis are very different. The genus is best defined on hindwing facies (transparent patches and pallid veins) and on features of the female genitalia: broad setose pockets lateral to the ostium; a ductus and bursa that are narrow and flimsy, the latter lacking a signum.

The genus as currently constituted ranges widely, though with low diversity, throughout the Indo-Australian tropics, but perhaps should be restricted to the Melanesian type species and its Oriental sister-species. Watson (1968) suggested the genus had affinities with Drepana Schrank, possibly referring more to the remaining Asian mainland species.

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