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Tascina metallica Pagenstecher
Tascina metallica
Pagenstecher, 1890, Dt. ent. Zeit., Iris, 3: 3. specimen labelled "Origin"     "Tascina Westw. metallica Pagenst". "Palawan 88 Platen" is hereby designated LECTOTYPE. In MNHU, Berlin, with one paralectotype. The in BMNH is also of the same provenance and collector, and may therefore be the third specimen referred to in the original description.

Tascina metallica

Tascina metallica
(paralectotype, Palawan)

The combination of robust build, clubbed antennae, a frenulum and striking facies (oblique white bar on black forewing, broad blue dorsum (male) or medial zone to black hindwing (female)) render this moth unmistakable. The dorsal part of the abdomen is also blue. The hindwing underside is rufous brown, duller in the female, with a hint of blue along the dorsum.

Geographical range. Borneo, Palawan.

Habitat preference. The only specimens from Borneo, both males, were taken on the Matang Road in Sarawak and on Pulo Laut in Kalimantan in the early part of this century. It is probably a lowland species.

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