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Callidula sumatrensis Pagenstecher  
Callidula sumatrensis Pagenstecher, 1887: 232.

Callidula sumatrensis

Callidula sumatrensis

This and the next two species are very similar in facies and are distinguished most readily by features of the male. In sumatrensis the costal zone of the hindwing is pale ochreous, with a black edge grading away into the dark brown behind it. Females have the costa weakly paler and lack the black edge. The forewing orange bar tends to be narrower, with stronger orange more definitely restricted to the interior edge. On the underside the posterior component of the pair of silvery discal marks on the forewing is relatively large, triangular, and well separated from the anterior one, whereas in C. sakuni Horsfield it is narrower and almost colinear with the anterior one. Identity can be confined from genitalic features mentioned in the following note.

Taxonomic note. This is the sister-species of the Moluccan C. petavius, sharing similar facies of the anterior of the male hindwing, the subapical pocket on the valve and, in the female, a strong signum in the bursa.

Geographical range. Sundaland, Thailand.

Habitat preference. This is a species of lowland forest, seen frequently flying by day in the understorey of alluvial forest during the Mulu survey.

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