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Oeonistis altica Linnaeus
Phalaena (Noctua) altica Linnaeus, 1768, Iter in Chinam: 10, 11. Upsaliae.
Phalaena (Noctua) altica Linnaeus, 1769, Amoenitates Academicae, 7: 502.
Oeonistis entella Cramer sensu Holloway, 1976: 2.
Oeonistis altica Linnaeus; Mikkola & Honey, 1993: 113.

Oeonistis altica (approx. lifesize)

See the generic description.

Geographical range. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Sundaland, Philippines.

Habitat preference. The species is common in the lowlands, particularly in disturbed forest, though can occur up to 1620m.

Biology. Semper (1896-1902) illustrated the larva in the Philippines as whitish grey with a black dorsal stripe and greyish setae, the head and legs pale brown. Piepers & Snellen (1904) noted lichens as the larval food in Java, but also added Flacourtia (Flacourtiaceae) and Ficus (Moraceae) to this.

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