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Monosyntaxis Swinhoe

Type species: trimaculata Hampson, Borneo.

Synonym: Monotaxis Hampson (type species trimaculata Hampson) praeocc.

This genus can be strictly defined to include only those species that resemble the type in extreme sexual dimorphism in wing pattern, the males virtually uniform blue-black except for a small red or orange patch near the base of the forewing, and the females with extensive areas or spots of pale yellow on both wings. The general coloration is shared also with the next two genera and a few others not represented in Borneo such as Chrysorhabdia Butler (Oriental), Oeonosia Hampson (New Guinea) and Acco Bethune-Baker (New Guinea).

The male genitalia share with Oeonistis Hübner a reduced uncus, and a small aedeagus with an immaculate vesica but are otherwise distinguished by the rather strongly falcate apex to the saccular process of the valve, and presence of a bridge-like structure between the two sacculi at their innermost dorsal extremities. Oeonistis does not show sexual dimorphism.

The female genitalia of the type species have the ductus very short, with a slight colliculum, leading into a long neck to the corpus bursae that is of similar width and irregularly corrugate. The distal expansion of the bursa contains a scobinate signum.

The genus as strictly defined is restricted to Sundaland, the Philippines and Sulawesi, with other species being affinis Rothschild (Peninsular Malaysia to Java), montanus Schulze (Luzon), ochrosphena Wileman & West (Luzon) and radiifera Cernı (Mindanao). The two Luzon taxa may be conspecific, and the Sulawesi species is undescribed (slide 4793). New Guinea species such as persimilis Rothschild, bipunctata Bethune-Baker and metallescens Rothschild are unrelated, as is samoensis Rebel from Samoa.

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