Unassigned, mostly apomorphic genera
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Vamuna Moore

Type species: remelana Moore, India.

Members of this genus are all large and have a white or pallid ground colour with black banding or spotting often present on forewings and hindwings. The distal margin of the forewing is rather quadrate.

The male genitalia have strong, curved, acute saccular processes and an acutely bifid, sclerotised juxta or furca. The aedeagus vesica is large, with several widely spaced, robust but short cornuti as well as some fields of light scobination.

The female genitalia of the type species have a sclerotised ductus with an appendix bursae arising between it and a more completely sclerotised neck to the bursa. The distal part of the bursa is ovate, unsclerotised, with a weak, scobinate signum.

Apart from the two species extending to Borneo, there are several more in mainland Asia, particularly the Himalayan region. V. virilis Rothschild comb. n. extends from Taiwan to the N.E. Himalaya and Peninsular Malaysia. It is similar to remelana but larger, with a creamier ground colour.

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