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Graptasura Hampson

Type species: polygrapha Felder, Sulawesi.

This is the last Bornean genus in the Asura/Miltochrista complex to be treated. The venation is shown in Fig. 4d. It is distinguished by the highly complex, rather reticulate forewing pattern of black on yellow, the fasciae mostly doubled, black borders to the hindwing and two particular features of the male genitalia: a prominent saccus; a juxta/diaphragm structure that bears several very large setal spines. The valves are simply bifid. The aedeagus vesica has a few zones of light scobination, in a few of which the spines are more elongate.

Fig 4d: Graptasura polygrapha Felder

The genus consists of the type species and two species from Borneo described below.

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