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“Barsine” sullia Swinhoe stat. rev. & comb. n. 
Miltochrista sullia Swinhoe, 1901, Ann. Mag nat. Hist. (7), 7: 468.

Barsine sullia
(x 1.38)

Diagnosis and taxonomic note.
This is another taxon revived from synonymy with the Javan senara Moore (see "Barsine" porphyrea Snellen stat. rev. & comb.n.). It is smaller than porphyrea or senara, a yellowish orange, with grey fasciation on the forewing, the three main fasciae being broad and edged finely with red. The male genitalia have valves intermediate between those of porphyrea and senara, the apex having a small lobe between the costal angle and the distal saccular spine. The aedeagus vesica has only one group of larger spines. The anellus/aedeagus apex fusion is flanked by a pair of patches of spines as in the other two species.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. Only the holotype and three other specimens are known, taken from lowland localities: Kuching in Sarawak; Busan in E. Borneo.

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