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Quadrasura Gen. n.

Type species: ktimuna van Eecke.

The only species in this genus has a pale yellow ground colour, and the rather elongate, narrow forewing has a series of oblique, irregular, poorly defined orange fasciae and a slightly darker discal spot. The male antennae are fasciculate. The venation is typical of the Asura/Miltochrista complex, but the cell is more distant from Sc which does not anastomose with R1.

The male genitalia have a prominent triangular central costal process as in Barsine Walker, but there is no apical process. The sacculus has a strong, upcurved apical process. The tegumen is extended dorsally into ‘wings’ on each side of the uncus, and the saccus is broad, truncate, giving the whole ninth segment a rectangular appearance. The aedeagus is short, the vesica reflexed, finely scobinate throughout, with none of the coarser spines and large cornuti seen in other genera of the complex, though there is an irregular knob at the junction of the aedeagus apex and the vesica.

Females are unknown.

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