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Adites hosei sp. n.  

Adites hosei (holotype)
(x 1.38)

9mm. The facies is similar to that of the bizonoides complex, but the ground colour is pale creamy white rather than pure white, and the fasciation is a paler red. The discal mark is round rather than elongate and the antemedial and subbasal are divergent over the costal half of the wing, resembling that of the sequence of species following from bifida sp. n.. The male genitalia are distinguished by having only one robust cornutus in the vesica; the saccular margin of the valve lacks spurs and is not angled, and the distal saccular process is simpler, with a zone of fine reflexed spines on one side. The rest of the valve apex is separate from this, rather square.

Holotype Mt. Mulu, N. BORNEO, 1-4000ft., (Hose), BM arctiid slide 5295.

Taxonomic note. A female (slide 5307; Fig 232) from the Kinabalu area has similar facies but there are no other reasons to suggest association with hosei.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The label is not specific on this, but the altitude range given extends from hill dipterocarp forest to lower montane forest.

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